Glass tombstones and ashes in cosmos

Nowadays, the traditions of commemoration and burial have changed a lot. Funerals can take place in ways that we could have never imagined centuries ago, even more, they would have been considered as sacrilege. After death, ashes can be embedded into a record, loaded into a fireworks shell or even shot into the cosmos. The presence of the deceased can silently be kept in the fertilizer of a rose garden in front of a house or one can grow a tree by planting a seed into the ground altogether with ashes. They can also be embedded into jewellery – earrings, pendants, bracelets or rings, thus the loved one will always remain closely beside. An artist can mix the ashes into colour and create a portrait. A cemetery in the depths of an ocean is also an option by installing a memorial plaque under the water.  Glass tombstones, in turn, is a Latvian alternative, which despite the global changes in tradition of burial, still stick to clear and stable values.  Continue reading “Glass tombstones and ashes in cosmos”