The experienced architect G. Viksna combines sensations and functionality


It seems that one cannot simply become an architect – people are born with this gift, because this profession is very special and unique. Architects are capable of seeing, feeling and imagine the big picture, to look in the future, to hide the flaws. The creation of art is just a small fraction of their tasks; the complicated part comes in when the result needs to be made functional and comfortable for its user. Architect services essentially mean to realise the idea, vision and thoughts of the client. The experienced architect G. Viksna has left his footprints in Latvian culture for more than 30 years already. Continue reading “The experienced architect G. Viksna combines sensations and functionality”

Classifieds for various occasions


Каждый из нас в теч…

An advertisement is a short statement that aims to communicate very specifically and clearly the need of its author or a special event. Today, Internet announcements are the most popular, while until a few years ago, every newspaper or magazine was provided with columns about job opportunities, births and funerals, and other important things that many people were searching through. Continue reading “Classifieds for various occasions”

CSDD driving exam – how does it happen in different categories!?


We usually recall taking the driving exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) for the entire life. Maybe not the car itself or the inspector, but certainly the excitement, every mistake and unforeseen situation. How exactly does the driving exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) take place? Is it possible that it differs in individual driver’s licence categories, but more importantly – how do I pass the exam in the best possible way? This is the last step to get behind the wheel of your car and enjoy freedom. Continue reading “CSDD driving exam – how does it happen in different categories!?”

Individual car courses – a unique and exclusive approach


Unique experience in the Latvian market in the field of driving courses

In order to receive a driving license, Latvian legislation stipulates that a successfully passed driving school license or certificate is required. There are more than 200 driving schools in the country that encourage their students to make use of their services and it is extremely important to make the right decision. Why are VIP individual driving courses the best choice for the confident and strong? Because, first of all, these driving courses are unique and there is no other such educational institution in Latvia. The most important advantage is training at a convenient place and time, taking into account only the student’s interests. So, learning is possible during work time between meetings, in your free time at home or in the park. It is extremely convenient, simple and also modern. Continue reading “Individual car courses – a unique and exclusive approach”

Sugar waxing for a beautiful and smooth skin



A smooth, beautiful and shiny skin is the dream of many women. To achieve that, many of us suffer from unpleasant and even painful experience in the daily life. Scars from razors when trying to get rid of hairs on the legs, a swollen upper lip after unsuccessful epilation are so common. Epilation or waxing can be very painful, unpleasant and poignant. But there is a way to make waxing sweater and even enjoyable! Continue reading “Sugar waxing for a beautiful and smooth skin”

Eyebrow correction – the basis of a well-groomed face


Uzacis ir ārkārtīgi s…

Eyebrows are an extremely important part of the face, which often forms the overall image and either makes it well-groomed or, on the contrary, makes it unattractive. The meaning of eyebrows is not purely aesthetic, it is more important and eyebrows can tell a lot about a person, his character, health and emotional state. Continue reading “Eyebrow correction – the basis of a well-groomed face”

Safe lightning protection saves your home and life

Zibens daž…

The varying nature of lightning has been attracting people for thousands of years. On the one hand, it is a dangerous natural phenomenon that brings calamity and destruction; on the other hand, it is a beautiful, magical and difficult-to-understand moment during bad weather. Safe lightning protection will help you enjoy the beauty of lightning securely and calmly knowing your health and home is safe. Continue reading “Safe lightning protection saves your home and life”

Physiotherapist A. Sprogis will help you strengthen and recover health


The Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology of Professor Janis Kisis is one of the most popular, professional and powerful dermatology clinics in Latvia. It has become a leader thanks to the continuous development, innovations, exchange of experience and further education.  At the Clinic, it is possible to receive help from a broad scope of specialists, who look at the health of the patient as a whole and do not focus on diagnosing and treating the consequences but the causes. At the clinic, it is also possible to receive services of high-level physiotherapists. If you need a physiotherapist in Riga, physiotherapist A. Sprogis certainly will be an excellent choice for taking care of your health. Continue reading “Physiotherapist A. Sprogis will help you strengthen and recover health”

The Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology will treat the causes of diseases


In our daily life, we probably do think about our heart health, that the dentist should be visited, or that blood tests should be given. But how often do we think about the largest human organ – our skin!? In fact, the condition, colour and flexibility of your skin indicate not only your age but also the overall health condition. Very often the condition of the skin not only affects us visually but also changes our emotional condition; for example, warts on the hands or annoying growths on the face make you feel uncomfortable, ashamed and lower your self-esteem. Continue reading “The Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology will treat the causes of diseases”