The bold Ulysse Nardin watches

Even if we don’t want to admit it, the human body is like a specific mechanism. Granted, it still remains the most intricate mechanism since its control does not depend solely on us. Just as much as a person is controlled by themselves, they remain equally dependent on the people and the environment around them. There are plenty of other things we still cannot control – time being one of them. On the other hand, although we do not control time, we can determine it. The most exclusive way to do this is with a mechanical wristwatch.

Today I would like to take a closer look at the elusive, creative and surprising brand of Ulysse Nardin. For those who are familiar with it, the first images coming to their minds are huge waves, beacons, and sailing yachts. That’s what Ulysse Nardin himself started his business with back in the distant 1846. Even though the young, 23-year-old watchmaker lived quite far away from the sea, he set out to produce then-much-needed marine chronometers, which were used to set course, calculate distance and determine location.

The name of the creator of the brand – Ulysse Nardin – still sets the company’s priorities. Ulysses – the Roman Odysseus – was a god-condemned king and nomad known for his adventurous sea voyages. During his journeys, Ulysses had to face all sorts of difficulties from which he escaped thanks to his creative mind. Ulysse Nardin holds such a course up to this day.

Ulysse Nardin collections

Ulysse Nardin, in its first collection “Marine”, presents watches that resemble seafaring not only in their design but also provide basic needs for determining exact time and date while far offshore. This collection is the cornerstone of Ulysse Nardin, beginning the brand’s road to success in the distant 1846 when the company became one of the main producers of marine chronometers. The brand does not steer away from it and continues to add to the collection up to this day. When you see these watch models on store shelves you cannot resist the desire to offer one to a white-haired marine or a tanned sailor – that is how much this design belongs to the sea.

The next collection, “Diver”, has not ventured far off. These watches are designed for going deeper rather than further. Divers and submariners love these watches since they give precise time in up to 300m depth. The materials used are different. Ulysse Nardin is certainly not the brand that will accept only rubber straps for such types of watches. The “Diver” collection watches can be customised with leather, stainless steel, titanium, and other material straps. It should be pointed out that the collection’s wristwatches for women are particularly elegant. While their greatest value is their feature to give precise time deep underwater, Ulysse Nardin has adorned these watches with diamonds, making them irresistible also for wearing to dinner at a fine restaurant.

Ulysse Nardin’s collection “Freak” is an absolute creative explosion. It appears that openness and nudity have become fashionable in all spheres. The “Freak” collection watches finally reveal some of the intricate mechanisms, putting them on the front of the dial. It truly is like an open cry for help for all those lost souls who have switched from exclusive, mechanical watches to cheap quartz or digital timepieces.

The “Classico” collection is true to its name, featuring simple designs with Roman numerals, as well as designs with sophisticated, painted dials. In these miniature paintings, one can find mermaids, half-naked women and even a scene or two from some erotic book of myths. Amusingly so, these characters are so alive that they actually move along with the movement of the hands of the watches. I wonder – why didn’t the brand create a separate collection for these models? I’d describe them being more bold or frivolous, not classic.

By the way, a small selection of the Ulysse Nardin collection watches described above can be tried on or purchased in Latvia. catalogue lists all the watches available in store; to see these models in person, just head to the boutique watch shop that is located in Riga Old Town, Jāņa Street 3. If you’re interested in a specific model, the friendly staff will be happy to assist you – just call +37120677711.

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