Darba sludinājums pārtikas jomā un studiju iespējas

Ēdināšana ir viena no tām jomām, kas vienmēr būs pieprasīta – darba sludinājumu netrūkst, turklāt noteiktās nišās pieprasījums pēc speciālistiem ir pat lielāks kā piedāvājums. “Ēdiens kā zāles” ir teiciens, kas mūsdienās ieņem arvien nozīmīgāku vietu diskusijās par cilvēka veselību mūža garumā. Un tam visnotaļ nevar nepiekrist. Pareizi sastādīta ēdienkarte ir būtisks atveseļošanās priekšnosacījums visdažādāko saslimšanu gadījumā, kā arī  veselīga un sabalansēta diēta – veselības uzturēšanai ilgtermiņā. Continue reading “Darba sludinājums pārtikas jomā un studiju iespējas”

Glass tombstones and ashes in cosmos

Nowadays, the traditions of commemoration and burial have changed a lot. Funerals can take place in ways that we could have never imagined centuries ago, even more, they would have been considered as sacrilege. After death, ashes can be embedded into a record, loaded into a fireworks shell or even shot into the cosmos. The presence of the deceased can silently be kept in the fertilizer of a rose garden in front of a house or one can grow a tree by planting a seed into the ground altogether with ashes. They can also be embedded into jewellery – earrings, pendants, bracelets or rings, thus the loved one will always remain closely beside. An artist can mix the ashes into colour and create a portrait. A cemetery in the depths of an ocean is also an option by installing a memorial plaque under the water.  Glass tombstones, in turn, is a Latvian alternative, which despite the global changes in tradition of burial, still stick to clear and stable values.  Continue reading “Glass tombstones and ashes in cosmos”

Printing in Pandemic : Why Laser Printer Cartridges?

Šis ir stāsts par to, kā viens tauriņa spārnu vēziens otrpus okeānam …

This is the story of how one swing of butterfly wings across the ocean can affect events on these shores – although China and Latvia are located in different parts of the world, a virus that originated there has changed my daily life. Among other things, I have purchased a new printer. I have been working from home since May, whereas only a few colleagues remain in the office. This situation is now familiar to many people – the global pandemic COVID-19, which has turned our homes into offices. In this context, I would like to look at a purely practical question: how do I ensure high quality printing of documents at a home setting? Continue reading “Printing in Pandemic : Why Laser Printer Cartridges?”

The bold Ulysse Nardin watches

Even if we don’t want to admit it, the human body is like a specific mechanism. Granted, it still remains the most intricate mechanism since its control does not depend solely on us. Just as much as a person is controlled by themselves, they remain equally dependent on the people and the environment around them. There are plenty of other things we still cannot control – time being one of them. On the other hand, although we do not control time, we can determine it. The most exclusive way to do this is with a mechanical wristwatch. Continue reading “The bold Ulysse Nardin watches”

Where to find marketing courses?

Маркетинговые курсы

Mūsdienās, lai atrastu mārketinga kurs…

Nowadays, to find marketing courses, you can simply take a walk around the city, or read magazines and newspapers, but the best option is to use our ads portal Dalder.lv, which is: Continue reading “Where to find marketing courses?”