Individual car courses – a unique and exclusive approach


Unique experience in the Latvian market in the field of driving courses

In order to receive a driving license, Latvian legislation stipulates that a successfully passed driving school license or certificate is required. There are more than 200 driving schools in the country that encourage their students to make use of their services and it is extremely important to make the right decision. Why are VIP individual driving courses the best choice for the confident and strong? Because, first of all, these driving courses are unique and there is no other such educational institution in Latvia. The most important advantage is training at a convenient place and time, taking into account only the student’s interests. So, learning is possible during work time between meetings, in your free time at home or in the park. It is extremely convenient, simple and also modern.

Strong professionals and new driving training vehicles

It is often the teachers and instructors who are the key to success in getting the driver’s licence up and valid at a faster pace. The teaching staff of VIP driving courses has been specially selected, choosing only the best and most recognized on the market. The theoretical training, presented in a clear, simple and effective way, allows a better understanding of real events in the real road traffic further on. An exclusive approach also means new, good, safe vehicles that are fun to learn to drive. The necessary comfort can also speed up the process of acquiring the driver’s licence, as the instructor arrives at the most convenient meeting place for the client.

What do I do with the time saved? 

For people who value time and using it efficiently, individual driving courses ensure attaining the value regarded the highest: extra hours with your family, opportunity to go to work faster or play an extra squash hour. Due to the fact that training is also possible in very small groups, driving courses do not require huge investments. In any case, the courses are a great proof of value for money.

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