CSDD driving exam – how does it happen in different categories!?


We usually recall taking the driving exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) for the entire life. Maybe not the car itself or the inspector, but certainly the excitement, every mistake and unforeseen situation. How exactly does the driving exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) take place? Is it possible that it differs in individual driver’s licence categories, but more importantly – how do I pass the exam in the best possible way? This is the last step to get behind the wheel of your car and enjoy freedom.

When do I apply for the driving exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD)? 

Latvian legislation stipulates that the primary condition is to have successfully passed both driving and theory examinations at the driving school, as well as having the driving card signed by an instructor.  Currently, under the guidance of the instructor, the student must complete 14 statutory and mandatory driving lessons. During these classes, the prospective driver must acquire all the necessary skills and abilities to be able to participate safely and confidently in heavy road traffic

Age restrictions for different driver’s licence categories 

If the driver has met all the above conditions but does not have the required number of years for the respective driver’s licence category, he or she will have to wait for taking the exams. Before the CSDD driving exam, you must pass the theory exam. The age limits for the categories are as follows:

  • 14 years – for category “AM”;
  • 16 years – for categories “A1” and “B1”;
  • 18 years – for categories “B”, “C1”, “A2”, “BE”, “C1E;
  • 21 years – for categories “C”, “D1”, “D1E”, “CE”;
  • 24 years – categories A, D and DE may be obtained.

How do I apply for the driving exam at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD)? 

After passing the theory exam, you can apply for the driving examination. The result is valid for one year after passing the exam, after which the results are cancelled and the exam needs to be retaken.

Applying for the exam takes place in different ways:

  • via the driving school;
  • appearing at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) in person;
  • by means of electronic services provided at the website e.csdd.lv;
  • by calling to the most convenient CSDD branch.

Cars and routes are selected by special computer programs

It is impossible for a prospective driver to apply for a favourite route or to influence the inspector’s choice in any way, because it is done by a special computer program based on specific system, which makes it 100% safe. Often, students also look for the same model of car as in driving examinations at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD). In fact, this notion should be regarded a myth and the most important factor for one’s success is the driver’s experience, confidence and professionalism, which allow you to drive any car equally well.

What happens on the date of driving examination at the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD)? 

Upon arrival at the selected CSDD branch, one must register and meet the inspector in the waiting room. In order to reduce anxiety and psychological barriers, it is recommended to smile at the inspector, look into the eyes and shake hands. Then, together with the inspector, you have to go to the figure training zone, where the first part of the exam takes place for all driver’s licence categories. If this part is passed successfully, the prospective driver must participate in real road traffic.

Good luck!

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