Sugar waxing for a beautiful and smooth skin



A smooth, beautiful and shiny skin is the dream of many women. To achieve that, many of us suffer from unpleasant and even painful experience in the daily life. Scars from razors when trying to get rid of hairs on the legs, a swollen upper lip after unsuccessful epilation are so common. Epilation or waxing can be very painful, unpleasant and poignant. But there is a way to make waxing sweater and even enjoyable!

Sugaring will provide new sensations

Yes, it is possible to enjoy waxing, or at least make it less painful and more efficient. Sugar waxing will provide new and unique sensations. Smooth and beautiful legs can be achieved with a method used by Cleopatra, the grandest queen of the Ancient Egypt. Many beauty treatment procedures have come from the Ancient Egypt, where a smooth body without hairs was the standard of beauty and women were epilated with sugar paste before marriage. The sugaring method was popular not only in Egypt but also the Middle East.

How is sugaring done?

The sugaring paste contains fully natural and harmless substances that are harmless to the body and the environment as it contains only water and sugar.  From other waxing and epilation methods, sugaring differs with applying the paste in the direction of hair growth, and that means they do not grow in and do not get broken. The sugaring mass embraces the hair not touching the skin; thus, the process can be deemed very delicate.  It can be repeated numerous times not injuring the skin or pain receptors.

Sugaring’s advantage — hair length

A major advantage is the hair length as with this method hair as short as 1–2 mm can be removed; other epilation and waxing methods require that the hairs must be longer. Sugar is an excellent preservative, thus the method is 100% hygienic and organic. You won’t get burned as the paste is as warm as human body.

To be considered before sugaring

One day before sugaring it is not recommended to sunbathe to not to make the skin too sensitive; for the same reason it is not recommended to use body scrubs, rub your skin with sponges and use body treatment means like lotions and deodorants before the procedure. Of the same importance is to be careful after the procedure to avoid skin injuries and to maintain a longer-lasting result.

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