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An advertisement is a short statement that aims to communicate very specifically and clearly the need of its author or a special event. Today, Internet announcements are the most popular, while until a few years ago, every newspaper or magazine was provided with columns about job opportunities, births and funerals, and other important things that many people were searching through.

How do I compose an advertisement?

According to the rules of grammar, an advertisement must state very specific facts related to the content. It can be created for the purpose of selling, buying, changing, renting, leasing or letting, announcing an event or the like. Contacts are a prerequisite for contacting and finding out additional information if needed. There are no special conditions for layout of the text, especially nowadays, when everyone arranges it according to the format and purpose, highlighting the most important. Of course, various advertisements attract the reader’s attention and render them as visible as possible. In order to make it “pop” as mush as possible in the Internet environment, people are being very creative.

“Helping to not get lost” and other miracles

The most popular Latvian advertising portals have had several very amusing notifications that are still active on social networks. For example, a man who offered to locate any address in Riga with his help, but only by public transport, because he could not help drivers. In case unreachable by phone, the man should be contacted by SMS. The fee for this service was 5 euros. Another unforgettable advertisement is where an Audi car worth 480 euros could be exchanged for beer. The information was just as concise, in one sentence, but it gained immense popularity. A lady from Purvciems was just as creative in writing, who offered to rent one room for 50 euros a month, but only put her pictures in the picture section. Also this could be a way to stand out. Many remember the attempt to sell a Toyota Celica, which also contained only one sentence: “The car is drivable.” However, the car was sold, and very successfully. Of course, this kind of information makes one smile, because people have been creating them in all seriousness and tried to be creative. Despite their amusement value, they have achieved their goal and some have even become viral.

Advertising portals – virtual shopping malls.

Currently, one can buy most anything on the portals – goods, services, find necessary masters, employees. The best portals have free advertisements and activities that help you highlight the writing and sell more effectively, as well as communicate with each other.

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