The experienced architect G. Viksna combines sensations and functionality


It seems that one cannot simply become an architect – people are born with this gift, because this profession is very special and unique. Architects are capable of seeing, feeling and imagine the big picture, to look in the future, to hide the flaws. The creation of art is just a small fraction of their tasks; the complicated part comes in when the result needs to be made functional and comfortable for its user. Architect services essentially mean to realise the idea, vision and thoughts of the client. The experienced architect G. Viksna has left his footprints in Latvian culture for more than 30 years already.

GV architect office cornerstones

There will always be someone who moves the process ahead, someone who sets trends, and someone who follows the development of these trends, interpreting them in his or her own style, trying to give them their own character. Naturally, to be a leader in such a complicated profession is a big challenge, and only a few make it “to the front of the pack”. The majority of creative minds is the latter – the followers.

“All my life I have aspired to do my very best. If not being in the front of the line, then at least not come in last. I cannot not put in all my emotions in my work. The further my professional life progresses, the more love I have learned to put into my work,” says Gunars Viksna, the executive of one of the oldest architecture offices in Latvia.

GV architect office – one of the most reliable offices in Latvia

The statement is backed by 24 years of experience, more than 1000 realised projects and satisfied customers. G. Viksna’s offices in Diku st. 11 in Liepaja and Nometnu st. 46A in Riga carefully listens to the desires of their customers and create their future. The clients are especially grateful for the deadlines being met and within the budget. As a result, the building fulfils its function be it for few or many inhabitants. It all starts with sketches, followed by photographs, and, at last – as a part of the landscape.

Objective within the subjective

GV office divides architecture in two categories. One is entirely subjective – either you like it or you don’. Whereas the second category is the objective one – the functional solution. The value of GV architect office is the ability to combine these two sides of the coin. Do not hesitate and call 634 24 067 to make sure for yourself!

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