Eyebrow correction – the basis of a well-groomed face


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Eyebrows are an extremely important part of the face, which often forms the overall image and either makes it well-groomed or, on the contrary, makes it unattractive. The meaning of eyebrows is not purely aesthetic, it is more important and eyebrows can tell a lot about a person, his character, health and emotional state.

Eyebrow correction is a way to make eyebrows more attractive, tidy them up and improve the overall image. Interestingly, human is one of the few living beings whose eyebrows grow on bare skin and allow one to fully read the emotions. 

Why do people need eyebrows? 

In fact, the function of eyebrows is quite simple, because their main task is to prevent rain and sweat from getting into the eyes as much as possible. Directing the precipitation away of the face and towards the sides of it makes it easier to see. Therefore, eyebrow correction may interfere with this natural protective function. An average person has 250 hairs in each eyebrow, and if eyebrow correction has never been done, the number can be as high as 1,100. A single hair lives for about four months, after which a new hair grows in its place.

Eyebrows form our faces

Various studies have been performed confirming the importance of eyebrows and their correction. If a person’s eyebrows are changed, deformed or completely shaved, the person becomes very difficult or even impossible to recognize. Eyebrows are also great for showing one’s emotions because they are controlled by the voice. This process usually takes place unconsciously – if the tone of voice increases, so do the eyebrows. The eyebrows also respond to surprise, gaining a more symmetrical position, while in case of curiosity they become asymmetrical. A human being is unable to control this process.

History of eyebrow correction

Like many other beauty treatments, hairstyles or fashion as such, eyebrow fashion has changed over the centuries and even thousands of years. In the ancient Egypt, the face was marked with strong and large eyebrows, which indicated one’s status in society. In the age of Renaissance, the eyebrows were often completely shaved, which complied with the standards of beauty at that time. In the 18th century America, however, the eyebrows were combed upwards.

Eyebrows show human character

Eyebrow correction can help change the first impression on the surrounding people. If you want to create an impression of communicability and ability to resolve conflicts, you need to create curved eyebrows. Straight eyebrows mostly indicate that a person is logical, bases the decisions on facts and technical details. Having triangular eyebrows can indicate that a person wants to control everything and focus on the own point of view.

Different eyebrow correction procedures

To help groom eyebrows and change the way people see us, beauty salons offer a variety of eyebrow correction procedures:

  • Eyebrow correction after tattooing (dyeing or henna dyeing)
  • Correction of eyebrow shape
  • Fine-correction of eyebrow shape
  • Artistic eyebrow design – eyebrow painting
  • Artistic eyebrow design or semi-permanent make-up
  • Artistic design of eyebrows with henna
  • Artistic design of fine eyebrows
  • Eyebrow shaping (fine hairs).

Procedures include the following:

  • Shape selection together with the client;
  • Eyebrow painting (with paint or henna; filling of scars and empty fields with semi-permanent make-up);
  • Correction;
  • Selection of eyebrow cosmetics;
  • Customer training in the use of eyebrow cosmetics;
  • Choice of eyebrow cosmetics, matching the skin tone.

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