Home lightning protection can save homes and even lives

māju zibens aizsardzība

Lightning is an amazing and unique natural phenomenon that no home or commercial owner would want to encounter. In the event a question arises as to why lightning protection of houses ir necessary, all one needs to do is look at the lightning from a different point of view. Despite the fact that the lightning strike lasts only 0.2 seconds, it can reach a length of 2 to 3 km, in special cases even 20 km. The current is also impressive, reaching up to 100,000 amps and several million volts. The speed of 30,000 km/h also reaches cosmic force.  For example, when lightning strikes a tree, lightning literally boils its juice from the inside and can even melt sand. This is the reason why lightning protection is needed, because a strike to the house can cause not only financial but also physical damage. That is why already in the 18th century the lightning conductor was created to help people protect their homes and their lives, because lightning is essentially a huge electric charge that is released into a building.

How do classic and passive lightning protection work? 

Of course, the most important goal of lightning protection is to protect the building and its occupants from direct lightning discharge and the associated fire risk. It is equally important to be able to protect the electrical equipment in the building, which is performed by specialists by installing special surge protection systems. In the case of classic protection, a metal wire mesh and receiving rods are installed on the roof of the building, while downward leads are placed along the facade, to conduct the received electric lightning charge to the ground circuit, which is buried in the ground along the perimeter of the building or separately at the points of the conductor. There is also passive protection, in which a mast with a receiving head is installed at the highest point, and guides or downward leads are placed along the facade.

How do I choose the safest lightning protection? 

Latvian construction standards stipulate that every building must be equipped with this system. It is usually applied already in the preparation phase of a building project. Of course, protection can be imposed at a later stage as well. When choosing a company that installs a lightning conductor, attention must be paid to the guarantees of the services provided, there must be confidence in the professionals working in it and the fact that latest technologies are being utilised. At the moment the buyer has chosen a service provider, the request is submitted. Specialists then visit the site to determine the best possible solutions and the overall hazard of the site. The main parts of the lightning protection technical project are risk assessment, calculation calculations, material specifications, detailed drawings.

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